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1096 Silver Lane

East Hartford, CT 06108 

• Office (860) 461-1631
• Felix (Director) (203) 809 – 0875
• Georgina (Manager) (860) 502 – 2602
• Fax (860) 206-3815

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East Hartford Branch
1096 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT 06118
Office (860) 461-1631 / (860) 216-6707
Fax (860) 206-3815
Hamden Branch
1503 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06514
Office (203) 859-5833 / (475) 655-2483
Fax (475) 441-7891
Stamford Branch
68 Southfield Avenue, Suite 100
Stamford, CT 06902
Office (203) 921-0370
Fax (203) 921 0369

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As part of your job description listing, the position you are applying for involves lifting, turning or moving of patients. Please answer the following.
Will you accept assignments which require lifting, turning or moving of patients? If NO, you will not be denied employment for this reason. *
If YES, A) Can you lift a patient or medical equipment weighing 50lbs or more with or without accommodations? *
B) Can you assist with patient turning, standing, walking and/or sitting? *
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Please note: Sovereign Homemakers & Companions, LLC does not provide automobile insurance coverage for your vehicle.


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I hereby authorize Sovereign Homemakers & Companions, LLC and also authorize and request employees and each person given as reference to answer all questions that may be asked, and give all information that may be sought in connection with this application or concerning me or my work habits, character, skills, or my action in any transaction. I further authorize Sovereign Homemakers & Companions, LLC to forward my complete personnel file to any other Sovereign Homemakers & Companions, LLC office at which I may seek future employment.

I further authorize Sovereign Homemakers & Companions, LLC to provide all information concerning me to any individual or organization to which I may be assigned. I understand that if I am applying for or accept a Live-in assignment, it could include ”Live-In” assignments during which I will reside at the client’s premises for more than one consecutive 24-hour period, and I will not be on duty for the entire duration of such assignment. Some Live-In assignments are exempt from coverage under wage and hour laws. If not exempt,

I understand that, unless advised by Sovereign Homemakers & Companions, LLC, prior to or during and assignment, the work schedule for Live-In assignments provides for: Eight [8] hours sleep time Three [3] hours meal time Three [3] hours personal time Ten [10] hours on-duty or on-call I agree to notify Sovereign Homemakers & Companions, LLC whenever the circumstances of the case require otherwise. I agree to report to the office at the end of each assignment, if I am no longer available for work, or if my availability status has changed. I further understand that I cannot be paid until I present a time sheet signed by both the client and myself to Sovereign Homemakers & Companions' office. I certify that the information herein is complete and true and that any material omission, or misrepresentation, shall be sufficient cause for dismissal. I certify that I have fully read and understand the job description provided to me with this application and if accepted for employment, will abide by the terms thereof.

I agree to the terms and conditions above. *
I certify that the statements made by me on this application are true and complete the best of my knowledge and are made in good faith. I understand that if I knowingly make any mistake minutes of fact, I am subject to disqualification, dismissal, or other action pursuant to Employment Agency policy and procedure, and subject to criminal penalties as prescribed by law.

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Contact Info
Felix (Director) (203) 809 – 0875
Georgina (Manager) (860) 502 – 2602

Reg# HCA0000578

Sovereign Home Healthcare

East Hartford Branch
1096 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT 06118

Sovereign Home Healthcare

Hamden Branch
1503 Dixwell Ave
Hamden, CT 06514

Sovereign Home Healthcare

Vernon Branch
27 Hartford Turnpike, Suite 208F
Vernon, CT 06066

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